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One old face and two new ones!

In the centre is a visitor Rebecca Evans A.M. Minister of public health and social services who came to visit in April 2017. Rebecca wanted to announce the increased level of personal wealth that Welsh Government have just agreed to allow people to keep before having to use their savings to pay for their residential social care.

Rebecca was accompanied not only by senior civil servants but also by BBC radio and television cameras and ITV cameras to record this event.

Residents met Rebecca who asked them about their life in the home and it hopefully helped her understand what is important to people. When she visited one resident she seemed surprised that he had his curtains half closed on a beautiful day. He quickly explained that he had been a postman for 30 years and that was exactly how he now wanted to be in his own room! An example of the personal choice residents here enjoy.

On the right is Helen Randall who a year ago took over as manager ay College Fields. Helen was the preferred choice of the directors as they had known her for a number of years and were impressed by the support she had given to her staff when managing large corporate homes together with her knowledge and experience.

Helen has brought a fresh look to the role of manager and has taken over from Rachel who had been matron for over 20 years. Rachel we are delighted to say has remained part of the team being consultant nurse director.

On the left is Michael Kemp the old face. Michael has been director since the home opened its doors in January 1989 and continues to take a close interest in supporting staff and encouraging the highest standard of care and interest in every individual resident.

He is mindful of changes in the needs of residents and takes a close interest not only for College Fields but for all providers in new legislation and sits on numerous technical groups at the National Assembly for Wales.

Confession time!

For the last ten years or so I have striven to keep the College Fields website up to date. This last year Facebook has taken over the weekly up dates and I am grateful to the team who record the comings and goings every week. The response to Facebook has been outstanding with often 600-700 hits and on one memorable occasion 7000

This last year I have taken a sabbatical from the web site and have not brought it up to date.

With this new page I hope to start again bringing snippets of information but the College Fields Facebook page will still be the weekly update on activities.

My apologies for neglecting the site and hopefully I will make some amends over the next few weeks and months.

Michael Kemp

Music and animals are always popular. They not only are an interest but sometimes they help in other ways too.

At College Fields there is music every week from professional musicians and at other times just simple singalongs.

When it comes to animals we have  our own special opportunities as we have pygmy goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks and sheep available at our park. From time to time some of the animals pay us a visit at the home.

Above you can see the pleasure cuddling a kid goat can give.

Food Standards Ratings

Previous 5 (very good),

Before that 5 (very good)

Latest  ???

We have been told that at the latest inspection improvements we have now made have made us ‘very good’. We are waiting for a formal reinspection when we expect to be back with a 5 rating.

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One of our pygmy goats showing how nice it can be to have a cuddle

Food rating

What could be more fun than to go to the beach … even on a rainy day in March

For more activities of 2017 click here and to keep up to date go to our facebook page for College Fields Nursing Home