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Food standards Rating 2017

After many years with the highest rating of ‘5’ and no change in the procedures adopted at the home, a new inspector has visited us and prepared his report.

We had anticipated a similar score to previous years only to find that this inspector took a completely different approach. We always try to achieve the highest standards in all we do and food is important to our residents.

His report is now with us and we have found some of his comments unjustified and some we can agree with. As a result we have appealed his decision but have looked at every point that he has raised and decided that we will try and comply with his every recommendation.

As a result we have decided that even cups and saucers cannot be washed in the sink in the little kitchen on ground floor, new shelving has been acquired for the storage of tins (how he thinks that a slight chip in a melamine shelf can infect what is inside a can is beyond our understanding).

We have acquired colour coded knives despite the fact that their own website says this is no longer necessary. New commercial fridges have been acquired for some of the small kitchens, the list goes on.

We did draw the line at refusing to serve soft yolked ‘dippy’ eggs to residents without paperwork being completed as their guidance updated last year said it was fine except for immuno-suppressed vulnerable residents.

The appeal, heard by the inspector’s colleague, not surprisingly has withdrawn some of the unreasonable items but again, not surprisingly not changed the colleagues rating of ‘2’.

I can now report that the inspectors have now been back and have given our food hygiene a very good report. We are hopeful following the comments we were given that the new rating when it is published will be a 5, ‘very good’ like the previous ones we had.

We want to reassure everyone that all matters have been addressed and we are confident that our residents are receiving the safest prepared food. Should you have any queries then either manager Helen Randall, cook Claire Swarts or I will be pleased to meet you and explain any matters.

Mike Kemp, Director         May 9th 2017